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Friday, July 27, 2007

My Favorite Photos of Lee

These are some of my favorite photos of our nephew, Mike and Melinda's son, Lee

Here's is Aunt Sharon loving on baby Lee.

Stan and I were adding on to our house. The boys and Jenny were there every step of the way. Here is Lee playing in the dirt.

Lee had an uncanny affinity with the horses. He could have been another Horse Whisperer. Melinda taught him to ride and he would go with them to horse shows and show in the children's classes.

Buddies forever, Luke hugs Lee.

Lee is eating one of his Great Uncle's Krispy Kreme donuts. My Granddaddy would have loved this picture!

Lee and Luke riding a horse together.

Lee has natural musical talent. He didn't have much formal training but he can play the piano and drums by ear. He has played at our church since he was a young teen and plays every service.
Lee in 2006 on the keyboard

Lee 2007 playing the drums.

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