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Sunday, July 29, 2007

My devotion - Exodus 36

Exodus 36

Exodus 36:1-2 "And Bezaleel and Aholiab shall work with everyone wise of heart to whom Jehovah has given wisdom and intelligence, to know how to do every work of the service of the sanctuary, concerning all which Jehovah had commanded." And Moses called Bezaleel and Aholiab, and every wise-hearted man in whose heart Jehovah had put wisdom, even everyone whose heart stirred him up to come, to do the work.

The talents we are entrusted with must not be laid up, but laid out. - Matthew Henry's Commentary

We are endowed with certain talents that God has put within us, then through our education and experience He insures that we are trained to do what He will ask us to do. But despite having our talents and abilities and training we must still wait until the Call. Once we have been called to do the work, we have a choice on whether or not to obey. We can always use our talents, abilities and training for ourselves or in the "worship" of idols such as money, fame, etc. Or we can choose to use it for God and answer His call. It is up to us whether we obey God's Call.

So I see several things here:
  • God is the one who gives us the natural abilities, the training of those abilities, the strength to work in these abilities. But He also gives us supernatural giftings that we are not born with but are given as needed. God's grace given as we need it. Such as the spiritual gifts of prophesy, healings, words of wisdom, etc. He also grows spiritual gifts within us as we mature as Christians such as love, kindness, goodness, humility, patience, self control. We can take no credit for any of these giftings whether they be natural talents we are born with; strength to use those talents; training and experience; supernatural gifts; or spiritual gifts of character. They are all from God, developed by God, and used by God.
  • Despite all the gifts God has given us, there is still one thing we must wait on before jumping into ministry. We must wait on God's timing. When He calls, we are ready to answer. You see the Hebrews could have used their talents to make idols for themselves...Oops, they did didn't they? Those same talents and abilities and training were used to make a golden calf idol in Exodus 33. They had learned and been trained in Egypt by pagans to make their monuments and idols and items for the Pharoah. This meant that their God-given talents were being misused in the service of the Pharoah and in idolatry. Of course, God used the Egyptians to teach and train these men and women. Just like our godless public schools can be used to teach and train our children. But we are to use our talents and training for God's work and we must do it in God's timing. Don't chafe if it doesn't come soon enough and jump in and do something all on your own...even if you think it is work for the Lord. We must be called! And don't hesitate when the Call comes, but do what He is leading you to do. Hesitation is disobedience and lack of faith. Jumping ahead is impatience and lack of faith. Both are sinful.
  • We have a choice. God provides use with natural talents, training and supernatural giftings but we can choose whether it is used for God or not. So many natural musicians use their talent for rock and roll bands and end up rich and miserable, famous and unable to cope. We hear the stories all the time...poor musician makes it big; gets hooked on drugs, alcohol and sex; tries rehab a lot; loses it all. It's so sad. Or the naturally talented singers or actors...same story. How about the naturally talented inventors...same story. Or the naturally talented business leaders...same story. They lose their families, they lose all semblance of reality, they lose their minds, and, in the end, they lose all their money and/or fame. And EVERYONE ages out. One day it's all forgotten. So when you recognize a natural talent, cultivate it and train yourself. Then pray and wait for the Call. When the Call comes, don't hesitate but obey and watch God work!

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