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Thursday, July 12, 2007

My Dad, Melinda and Lee

My Dad, Melinda and Lee
This is a photo of my Dad when he was a baby. He's holding onto a flower. His Mother told us that he thought he could stand as long as he was holding something...even this flower. My Dad was the baby of his family. His sister was 12 yrs older and his brother was 8 yrs older. It was like he had 2 Mommies between his Mother and his sister.
My Mom and Dad had 3 girls. I'm the oldest. Elaine is the middle and married my husband's brother. Melinda is the youngest. Here she is with Mom and her 2 older sisters one Easter. Doesn't she look like our Dad as a baby?
Elaine and Ronnie have 2 grown children and Melinda and Mike have 1 grown son named Lee. Here is his picture as a baby. Doesn't he look amazingly like my Dad as a baby?As we grew up, I began to look more like my Dad and Elaine's son, Luke, looks like his Grandfather. But these baby pictures don't lie do they? Dad could never deny she was his daughter and Lee is his grandson! I just think they are so cute!

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