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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Conversations between 4 dogs and a Mommy

The Vet asked Mommy to get a urine sample from Miss MoneyPenny (Miniature Pinscher). Mommy thought and thought about how she was going to do that. She came up with an idea...

"Hey Mommy, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" -MoneyPenny as she notices a bowl taped to a backscratcher coming up under her.

"I'm trying to catch a urine sample for the Vet." -Mommy

"What's a urine?" -MoneyPenny

"Your pee pee." -Mommy

"What's so special about my pee pee?" -MoneyPenny - "I know I'm famous and beautiful but?"

"Not because you are famous and beautiful, MoneyPenny. It's in case you were sick." -Mommy

"Whas goin' on?" -Spunky Monkey as he comes out of his den. Spunky Monkey is the littlest of all 4 dogs and he's special. He was hit by a car as a puppy and his brain swelled. He is blind, deaf, can't taste or smell and whirls. He's very brave and is only 3 yrs old.

"Mommy was trying to catch urine!" -MoneyPenny

"Oh boy, can I chase it? I wanna catch a urine too!" -Spunky Monkey

"I say, what is all the racket?" -Dresden as he comes up from under the covers. Dresden is the biggest of Mommy's Italian Greyhounds (the miniature Greyhounds).

"We're going to chase a urine!" -says Spunky Monkey as he whirls around in excitement.

"There is no such thing as a 'urine'. I was trying to catch MoneyPenny's pee pee." -Mommy

"You said you were going to catch a urine! You didn't say nuffin about catching pee pee. You can't chase pee pee so how can you catch it?" -Spunky Monkey, looking worried.

"Oh dear, Mother, let me explain to this little ignoramus. You see, old man, urine is pee pee. Now why were you trying to capture MoneyPenny's pee pee, Mother?" -Dresden

"I was trying to see if I could capture some pee pee to take to the Vet." -Mommy

"This conversation is getting a little personal." -MoneyPenny

"Is Pee Pee the nickname for Urine? Let's pretend that Pee Pee is an Indian. Chief Pee Pee Urine is captured by General Spunky Monkey and taken to the Fort to smoke a peace pipe...." -Spunky as he yawns and drifts back to his "den".

"He still doesn't get it!" -says Dresden as he rolls his eyes.

"You can forget about this cup on a stick idea! That's crude. I'm a beautiful dog and can't be humiliated that way. Even though I'm famous and beautiful, I can't imagine someone paying for my pee pee. That's a little too personal. I've heard of people ripping the clothes off celebrities but this takes the cake!" -MoneyPenny, as she stalks into the den, up on the couch and on her favorite pillow to watch out the picture window behind the couch.

"They are so silly and dumb, Mother. How do you put up with them?" -Dresden as he leaps up in my lap and lays his head on my shoulder.

"It's called love, l-o-v-e!" -Sharon as she tosses the cup on a backscratcher into the trashcan.

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