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Monday, June 11, 2007

Conversation between 4 dogs and a Mommy

-----Original Message-----"Have you heard anything about a foster home for Spunky? Mary"

"I keep telling ya'll that Spunky Monkey is not up for sale or for foster or for adoption!" -Sharon, evil grin as she looks at Spunky.

"Yeah, lay off of me! I'm spoken for! I'm not goin' nowhere!" - Spunky Monkey, beginning to whirl wildly - "Mommy don't let 'em take me away from here!"

"Oh, precious baby, you know they would have to crawl over my dead body to get you. They were just talking about another 'Spunky' and I was teasing you." -Mommy

"I'm scared, Mommy. You promise you won't let them take me away?" -Spunky Monkey

"Oh hush, you silly baby. I'm afraid we are stuck with you!" -MoneyPenny as she licks his ears to calm him down.

"Yes, you little twit. Mother is being nonsensical." -Dresden

"Whas nonnysensy? And I'm not a baby or a twit! I'll bite you if you call me that again!" -Spunky Monkey

"It means she's being frivolous and imbecilic." -Drezzy

"Huh?" -Spunky

"You know...preposterous, moronic?" -Dresden

"MOM! DRESDEN'S CALLING YOU NAMES!" -Spunky shouts and then gives a sly grin.

"I WAS NOT! He was inquiring as to what nonsensical means. I was merely answering him. You little simpleton." -Dresden

"GRrrrrr, I told you if you didn't quit calling me names I was gonna bite you! -Spunky Monkey as he lunges for Dresden with snappy little teeth. Dresden merely puts his paw on Spunky's lunging head and holds him off. - "Mother, come get Spunky, he's playing wolf again. He's downright feral!"

Spunky continues to snap his little teeth and push against Dresden's paw. "Let me at 'im! Let me at 'im! I'm gonna teach him who is f'rocious!"

"Now, boys, let's calm down before Daddy gets home!" -Mommy

"I'll take care of it, Mommy!" -says MoneyPenny as she nudges Spunky and puts her paw on him. Spunky stops and MoneyPenny begins to lick him around the ears to calm him down. "It's OK, Spunky. Dresden is just teasing you."

"But he uses those big words and I don't know what he's calling me." -whines Spunky Monkey

"He's calling you an angel, baby, snookum, wookum." -MoneyPenny as she loves on him.

"No, I..." -Dresden

"Yes, you were! You were just calling him fancy names for 'sweet baby'. RIGHT?" -MoneyPenny as she glares at Drezzy.

"Uh, yes, Spunky. I was just using big words that means you are a good boy. I really do love you, you little thing you." -Dresden as he bows before Spunky and licks his face.

"OK, I wove you, too." -Spunky Monkey as he licks back.

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