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Sunday, June 10, 2012

National Iced Tea Day

June is National Iced Tea Month and today, June 10, is National Iced Tea Day.

Down South, iced sweet tea is a necessity! It's too hot and humid not to add ice and adding sugar makes it even more refreshing.

Sharon’s Tea

6 family size teabags of Luzianne Decaf (or regular)

Place teabags in a teapot and fill halfway with water. Bring water almost to a boil and remove from heat. Boiling the teabags can make tea more bitter although not enough to throw it away if you forget and let it boil. Let steep for a few minutes. Take a gallon tea pitcher and put sugar in to taste (I have a scoop and I know just what amount in my scoop so it's not exact. Some people like it more sweet than others. I probably guesstimate about 1-2 cups.). Then I put some hot tap water in it to melt the sugar and stir. Then I pour the steeped tea water into the pitcher. Stir and fill up pitcher with cold tap water. It will be warm for awhile, so if you serve immediately you put lots of ice in and it will get watery tasting. So try to make it ahead of time and let it get cold in refrigerator. Then use less ice in glasses. Or make your tea stronger by using an extra tea bag or two and then you can use more ice. A tip would be to make tea ice cubes by pouring some of the tea into ice cube trays and then use that for the ice. That way, as it melts, it doesn't dilute the tea. Snip some mint and put in the glasses or pitcher to have mint tea. You can add some fruit syrup like peach syrup, raspberry syrup, blackberry syrup. Or add a crushed sprig of mint whether regular mint or spearmint, lemon mint. Or add a slice of lemon and put in pitcher or glasses for lemon tea. If you put it in pitcher you will want to remove the mint or lemon eventually. While steeping, throw in a couple of small herb teabags like raspberry, strawberry, peach or chai and this gives it a hint of that taste. My Mom likes to add some leftover fruit juices or herbal tea along with her regular tea to make a neat fruit tea concoction that everyone loves.

And we learn to drink our tea cold and sweet from the time we are born. Here is our nephew, Luke, giving his nephew (our grand nephew), Brett, some of his tea.

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