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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Old Codgers

This is a photograph of some old men in my family. Starting from left to right is John Thomas Barnes, Charles Adolphus Barnes, Lewis Frances Barnes, William Henderson Barnes. They were brothers. There were 3 other brothers and a sister but they all died younger. One brother died when he was only 5 yrs old. He died in 1862, one year into The War. Another brother died at only 3 yrs old. The 3rd of the brothers, who died early, was in the War of Northern Aggression. He was shot twice but survived and he was at Appomattox Courthouse when Lee surrendered. He had to walk back home from Virginia. When he got home he had mental problems due to The War and, though he tried to make a new life as a farmer with his young wife, he committed suicide in 1867. He hung himself in his Daddy's home. It was 2 years after the end of the Civil War and during the terrible Reconstruction era. He left his 23 year old wife and 14 month old daughter to face life alone. Because he was a suicide the church wouldn't let him be buried in the church cemetery so his father donated land next to the church cemetery (he had donated land for the church) and created the family cemetery.

Notice the picnic table behind them and beside the house. Makes me wonder if this wasn't a family picnic, maybe a family reunion. This picture was taken sometime before they died (they died from 1934-1943). Another thing I thought was interesting was this is the front yard of the house and notice the landscaping? Or, should I say, the lack thereof? My family were working farmers until the Great Depression and I'm sure lawn mowers and fancy, flowering bushes were luxuries they couldn't afford or keep up with!

This is Lewis Barnes and his wife, Betty, when they were still young and vigorous. Although they were farmers, they were in good financial shape at this time in their life. They are dressed well. When I look at this photograph I wonder how she kept her pretty black skirt clean and dust free but his shoes are so dusty.

They had 12 children. One was my Great Grandfather. He was crippled and Lewis tried all he could to make sure that his son would be able to make a living for himself. He made sure he was educated and helped set him up in a general store. Unfortunately, my Great Grandfather died young in 1907, before his father died in 1934. My Great Grandfather died leaving a wife and 3 young children. One of them was my Grandma.

Lewis and Betty are my Great Great Grandparents on my Dad's side.

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