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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

More of Alice Williamson

Who is Alice Williamson? See an earlier entry in my blog to find my explanation of Alice Williamson.

April 15 Yankees scared to death; they are looking for Forest. No passes given all the stores are closed by order of "Old Marster."

April 20th Yankees moderate; cooled down a little. -- Two men from Wilson, one from Hartsville brought down 3 days ago and put in jail they have not been seen since; if they are not already shot they will be. One of them had a brother shot last week: the charge against him was that he had been a soldier.

April 21. "All quiet in Gallatin to-day." Old Payne and all the rest are mad about the Fort Pillow affair. This vengeance will be taken out on the citizens of G. in a few days.

April 22. No arrests have been made yet on account of the "butcher at Fort Pillow." Don't be uneasy gentlemen your time will come soon.

Apr. 23. Well, well, was ever such a time seen before since E.A. Payne has been here, they have neither burned any houses or killed anybody in three whol days. What is going to happen? surely the rebels are coming once again to this God-forsaken village.

24th About an hour ago That Payne passed with his daughter and escort in the direction of the river; they are passing now going back Miss P. and two orderlies have a woman behind each one of them. I wonder what that means. They are "white contraband's ("refugees) I suppose.

Apr. 25th. Gen. P. and lady have just passed again They are gone to bring over more passengers from the boat I 'guess'. Mrs. G.Love and Mrs. Cartwright were buried this evening.

Apr. 26th Weather beautiful. Yanks behaving like human beings with a few exceptions. Today a Yankee officer made his appearance in the school room accompanied by a Northern being whom I supposed to be a man, as he was not a gentleman; he came to look at the church saying that he was president of a school and that six of his assistants had just arrived and was going to teach the "freedmen" He says he will have 3 or 400 scholars and will need the largest house in town. What a learned city -- or rather yankee nest -- this will be. I suppose some of us citizens will get a situation as assistant teacher in the "Freedmens University".

April 27th Sis has just come home from Mrs. Lanes: while there she visited the grave of the stranger soldier who was shot Friday. The yankees took his coat and boots off and put him in the grave without coffin or wrappings of any kind.

Apr. 28th Remarkably quiet: no murdering for several days

Ap 30th Gen. Payne leaves tomorrow for Nashville. I recon we will have rest now for awhile.

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