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Friday, May 18, 2007

MoneyPenny, our Miniature Pinscher

I named MoneyPenny because she cost a lot of money. Just kidding, she just thinks money comes on trees! She likes to dress up. And she is my right hand (like James Bond's Moneypenny). I love unusual dog names. In fact, I collect them.

MoneyPenny is my only female dog. We bought her before we were aware of dog rescue. She is a Miniature Pinscher, NOT a chihuahua. We had her 3 years before we got our 2nd dog, another Min Pin named Spunky Monkey (see his story below) so she was very spoiled. She is quite the diva! She is a very nervous, hyper, energetic, little worry wort. I.e. she is me in a tiny, furry package. She is this part of my personality.

Miniature Pinschers are NOT miniature Doberman Pinschers. Dobies were only bred about 150 yrs ago but Min Pins were bred about 400 yrs ago to be indoor ratters. They look like tiny Dobermans down to the last detail but Min Pins are a distinct breed. Bred as ratters meant they were bred with terrier tenacity, intelligence and curious behavior. They have the terrier look. If you are a dog person you know what I mean. Those quick, black eyes, and that alert head carriage. Anyway she is a pretty Min Pin with beautiful markings. She has the tan clown smile around her mouth, the thumb marks over her eyes, the bow tie on her chest, the pencil marks down her legs, the little black marks above every toe, the two butt swirls...she's just really pretty!

Min Pins are called the King/Queen of the Toy Breeds for a reason. They are regal, willful, stubborn. They expect to be obeyed! As the human being you have to watch out for them. They don't know they are so tiny and they can get in big dog situations and not realized they aren't up to it. They need to be kept on leash or in fenced in back yards because they tend to lose all track of where they are if they get out. It's hard to catch them. They are also an indoor dog. They don't have enough fur to insulate them against cold and heat and they need to be watched over. Remember they are the size of a rabbit and so birds of prey (hawks, vultures, owls, etc) or other dogs or animals can mistake them for prey.

She thinks I'm her great big puppy. She thinks she has to watch after me and if she is separated from me it drives her crazy. If she's in the back yard and I'm in the study she will stay at the door and jump, begging to be let in, up and down for hours. She thinks she is my Mommy. She mommies the boys too. When we go to bed, she has to wash Spunky's face, ears and butt before he can go to sleep. Drezz and Capo are the more alpha dogs of the pack and yet, she has the biggest personality simply because she will worry the hound out of you. She insists on the attention and you better not forget!

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