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Friday, May 18, 2007

Jenny In Miss SC Pageant

Our niece, Jenny, has never been in a beauty pageant in her life. We knew she was beautiful but then she is ours! LOL! Without any help, she ran in her college beauty pageant and WON! We didn't know she could sing as good as she does! That was the shock! Her dresses were just thrift store finds and she did her own makeup and hair...and she won over girls who had done pageants for years! So we were very proud of her.

Having won Miss CSU, she went on to be in the Miss SC pageant.

Casual Wear

We thought she had a good chance of getting in the top 10 at least. She did a wonderful job and never missed a beat. No stumbling on those 5" heels, no cracks in her song, no stutters or dropped questions. But, the girls in the top 10 had years in their talents and did a wonderful job too so she didn't make the top 10 but our family couldn't have been prouder. Her college really backed her up with all the help and even finances that she needed for dresses, hair, makeup, rhinestones, etc. Her family was at every practise, rehearsal and the pageant shows. We weren't going to miss any of it!

She sang "This Is The Moment".

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