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Thursday, May 17, 2007



Dresden is a company in Germany that makes fine porcelain and are well known for their figurines. Since Dresden is so fine and beautiful I named him after the fine porcelain. Come to find out his bones are like fine porcelain.

Yes, this is the boy who has had two broken legs since I've had him. Both cost my husband an arm and a leg to have fixed. Since they have no meat on those leg bones, they don't heal well. Not enough nutrients get to a broken leg. So he had to have surgery to put a metal plate in with screws. Thankfully both breaks were clean breaks. Also, wearing a cast can rub sores on their legs because their skin is so thin it's like peach skin.

The first break was when he tried to jump on my high bed and just missed it and slid down catching his leg in the bed rail. A year later, he and Capo were racing each other around the yard and I think Capo must have run into him because all of a sudden I hear him screaming and I look and he's out in the middle of a flat back yard with nothing else around him but Capo. We are so thankful that we were able to have his legs fixed, even though it was expensive. If he was old and didn't have a chance at a quality of life we might have considered putting him down but when there is 100% chance of complete healing and good health and he's young...we did what we thought was best and spent the money. We love him very much!

Dresden is another dog rescue. His breeder brought him to our local Humane Society saying he was the last of a litter and hadn't sold. He is a little bigger than your regular Iggy...a biggy Iggy! But he still weighs less than 10 lbs. He's all leg and chest. He was so scared at the humane society that he was screaming and thrashing around when they tried to put him in a cage. So, since my sister's do dog rescue and are well known at the humane society, they called my youngest sister, Melinda, and asked her if she knew of someone who could take him. She called me and I raced down there. I picked him up, he nestled into me and that was all she wrote! I adopted him forthwith! He spent the night at the house of one of the workers and the next day they had him neutered and I picked him up.

Dresden is my shy one. He's my quiet one. While Capo is gregarious and friendly and goofy...Drezzy is clingy and shy and quiet. Each of my dogs seems to have a part of my personality. Capo has my sense of humor and Drezzy has my shy, clingy, withdrawn side

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