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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Conversations between 4 dogs and a Mommy

"Boy, that Hercules is one of the prettiest Min Pins I've ever seen. MoneyPenny, you are THE prettiest Min Pin in the whole world, but Hercules is pretty too!" -Mommy

Hercules, Melinda's Min Pin

"Yeah, you'd better say that Mommy!" -MoneyPenny

"What did she say? What did she say?" -Spunky Monkey

"That we are the prettiest dogs in the world." -MoneyPenny

"Well, of course!" -Drezzylu

"But I think Hercu-fleas is a hunk and a half!" -MoneyPenny

"Girls!" -Spunky Monkey as he looks at God.

"The feminine branch are fatuous." -Dresden

"Watch what you say, bub! I still have my perfect 12, 8, 7 figure! I'm not a fat-anything." -MoneyPenny as she scratches her back legs on the floor towards Drezzy and jumps on the bed.

"What does Fatchus mean?" -Spunky Monkey

"Fatuous means silly!" -Dresden as he delicately jumps from floor to chest, to bed.

"MoneyPenny is silly! MoneyPenny is silly! Whee!" -says Spunky Monkey as he begins to whirl

MoneyPenny sticks her head out from under the covers, "I am not silly! Everybody thinks that Hercu-fleas is a gorgeous hunky dunky!" -MoneyPenny

"Well, for one, Hercu-fleas' real name is Hercu-lees! Hercules was originally pronounced Heracles. He was the most popular of all Greek heroes, famous for extraordinary strength and courage. Hercules incurred the everlasting wrath of Hera because he was the child of her unfaithful husband. A few months after his birth Hera set two serpents in his cradle, but the prodigious infant promptly strangled them..." -Dresden says thoughtfully as he picks his way back down from the bed.

"So Hercu-fleas is famous, strong, courageous and killed 2 snakes when he was just a pup! I'll say that is some kinda D.O.G.!" -says MoneyPenny as she pretends to swoon.

"I'm a big, bad dog like Hercu-fweas! I can take on any 2 wittle worms too! Just lemme at 'em, lemme at 'em!" -Spunky Monkey as he bares his little teeth and growls.

"Oh, quit being silly!" -Dresden as he holds Spunky Monkey back with one paw on his little forehead.

"I can do anything Herc can do!" - says Spunky Monkey as he stalks to his crate.
"Not THIS Hercu-fleas...I mean, Hercules! I meant the ancient Greek hero, Heracles." -Drezzy

"Heracles isn't even the same name. Make up your mind. Did our Hercu-fleas kill 2 boa constrictors in the jungles of South America or not?" -MoneyPenny

"I never said he killed 2 boa constrictors in South America...Hercu-fleas killed 2 snakes in his cradle...No, I mean Heracles...no, Hercules...Oh, it doesn't matter. I give up!" -Drezzylu as he sniffs and stalks into the den to get on the back of the couch and look out the window.

"My hero, Hercu-fleas!" -sighs MoneyPenny as she lays back on Mommy's pillow.

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