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Monday, May 21, 2007

Conversation between 4 dogs and a Mommy

"Goofy, Mother." -Dresden, as he tucks his nose and snuggles up close in Mommy's lap.

"I thought Goofy was the geeky looking dog at Disney World." -MoneyPenny, as she pokes her head out from under the covers.

"No, your thinking of Pwuto!" -Spunky Monkey

"No, Pluto is the Roman God of the underworld and the name of a planet" -Dresden says in exasperation.

"There is too a dog named Pwuto! Tell him Mommy!" -Spunky Monkey

"Yes, Dresden, there is a dog named Pluto in the cartoons. And Goofy too." -Sharon

"Well, if he's named Pluto surely he isn't goofy." -Dresden

"Oh no, here he goes again!" -MoneyPenny as she rolls her eyes and stomps around on the bed.

"No, I mean Goofy isn't Pluto, he's Goofy." -Sharon

"I'm just saying that for some dog to call himself after the Roman god of the underworld he can't be too goofy." -Dresden, looking puzzled.

"No, Pluto isn't Goofy. Goofy is Goofy." -Sharon

"I know Pluto isn't goofy. He can't be if he's educated enopugh to know that Pluto is the Roman god of the underworld and the name of a planet. The word goofy means silly and ridiculous and the name Pluto is anything but silly and ridiculous. Ergo, Pluto is not goofy." -Dresden, as he arches his head back for Mommy to kiss his slender neck.

"Oh, you silly boy." -Sharon, as she kisses and nuzzles his neck.

"You've got it all wrong, Drezzy. Mom is telling you that there are two dogs named Goofy and Pluto." -MoneyPenny as she takes a leap from the bed to Mommy's chair by the bed, bouncing Dresden up from his place in Mommy's lap.

"Who would name their dog Goofy?" -Dresden, shocked, as he and MoneyPenny vie for the same place in Mommy's lap.

"I know, I know...Walt Disney! Wight Mommy?" -Spunky Monkey, as he does his watoosy (shakes himself).

"Well, they are cartoon characters, not real dogs." -Sharon

"Well, thank goodness! It's a good thing they aren't real because I've never seen uglier dogs in my life." -MoneyPenny, as she sticks her butt right in Mommy's face as she paws her lap to make it more comfortable.

"You are uglier!" -shouts Spunky Monkey and then he begins to run.

"That does it you little...." -MoneyPenny as she leaps off her Mommy's comfy lap and tears after him.

"They are so goofy." -Dresden as he snuggles back in place.

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