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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Capodimonte is the name of an Italian porcelain company. They make porcelain flowers for one thing and my little Italian Greyhound is as fragile as a porcelain flower, so I named him Capodimonte, Capo the Clown!

Italian Greyhounds were bred to be a toy breed, a companion dog, and, yet, they were bred to look like their bigger cousins, the Greyhound and the Whippet. So they are a sight hound, gaze hound. They hunt by sight and not by smell. They are built for the swift, the run, to catch the prey. They were bred to be aerodynamic; the ears slick back out of the way; the nose is long to heat and cool the air before it hits their massive lungs; large lungs for the air intake while running; not suppose to have any fat; long legs for reaching; their only muscles are their thighs for that push off; tails out of the way; excellent eye sight. They are FAST! Any sight hound (Greyhounds, Whippets, Afghan Hounds, Borzoi, Pharoah Hound, etc) has these same characteristics. And all sight hounds have to be kept on leash or in a fenced-in backyard because if they see "prey" (a cat, bird, squirrel) they can take off and they don't come back. They are too fast for you to follow them.

Capo is my funny boy. When he gets real happy and excited he gets in my lap and goes to honking on my nose! It looks like he's biting my face but I know better. That is his way of being goofy! Here he is trying to help my husband fix the kitchen sink. He tends to think Daddy needs his help. He is wearing his emergency diaper. I had to wrap a dish towel around his waist and pin with a safety pin. He is very attached to Stan and likes men. His original owner must have been a man. (He is a rescue we adopted.)

I buy belly bands from a supplier on ebay who makes them to fit. They also have elastic. You see these little guys have the tiniest waists and with their slick fur, it's easy for the diapers to slide off. I also fill them with the largest Serenity pads to help take up room and to wrap all the way around them because their diapers twist around. Both boys need diapers as they aren't potty trained.

Italian Greyhounds, I.G.'s or Iggies, are a fragile breed and they don't have much fur so they are cold intolerant. They need coats if the weather is cold or you keep the house temps cool. Even in the sunshine, they need a tshirt to keep them from getting sunburned. These dogs are not outside dogs and cannot be left outside all the time. They are an indoor dog although they need to go out for fun and exercise every day.

Because they are cold intolerant, they are cuddle muffins. They snuggle up under the covers, they sleep with you. Both boys like to get up under my shirt or night gown when I'm sitting watching TV or on the computer. It's like having my own hot water bottles. By the way, a lot of toy breeds were bred for that reason. They were bred to snuggle up to their human and provide warmth in the days before electricity and electric blankets or heating pads. These companion dogs were not just fun for an invalid to have but provided warmth for aching bones.

They can break one of those little legs too easily. Capo's brother, Dresden, has broken both his front legs. That's another story.

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