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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A Bookcase

I've always loved books and my parents bought this unfinished, glass fronted book case to hold my collection of Nancy Drew books back in 1970. I used it for a long time and then my sister used it for awhile. I got it back from her this Winter and decided it needed some work. My Dad got a new back cut for me and I used wallpaper and stuff to decoupage on it. Then I primed and painted it. My husband put the new back on it and put new hardware on it. I bought new glass for the doors as they had been replaced with plexiglass at some point. I guess it's like George Washington's hammer...the head's been replaced and the handle's been replaced but it's George Washington's hammer! LOL! Well, I think it looks pretty good to be 37 yrs old and to have traveled around a lot. I put it in my bedroom and use it to keep my "To Be Read" (TBR) pile of books in it.

By the way, in the same photograph notice the chair next to it...another yard sale find for $20. The painted and decaled box on top

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