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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Proverbs 8:10-22

Proverbs 8:10-22 (NKJV)  10 Receive my instruction, and not silver,
And knowledge rather than choice gold;
11 For wisdom is better than rubies,
And all the things one may desire cannot be compared with her.

Proverbs 8:10-22 (NIV)  10 Choose my instruction instead of silver,
knowledge rather than choice gold,
11 for wisdom is more precious than rubies,
and nothing you desire can compare with her.

Have you ever watched the television series, The Curse of Oak Island? I did a post on it when I learned they were going to do the show, click HERE.

Rick and Marty Lagina, Craig Tester Tom Nolan and others have been looking for a treasure at Oak Island in Nova Scotia, Canada. It seems that nearly 225 years ago, some young men found a rope and pully on a tree branch and disturbed earth. Thinking they were onto some treasure, they began to dig down. They found a platform of oak logs every 10 feet. They dug down to 30 feet before giving up. The next person dug down to 90 feet (with the oak log platforms every 10 feet) before giving up because it suddenly flooded with 60 feet of water. They believe it was booby trapped with flood tunnels form the nearby bay on the island. Throughout the years, many have tried their hand at discovering what had been so meticulously buried. Six men have died on Oak Island looking for treasure.

Whether they find anything or not, their television show has been a decided hit. They have a treasure in that if nothing else. I happen to love watching these men work together (without conflict) on this mysterious island and finding just enough to keep them searching. From what I see on TV, I highly respect all the men on this show. But think of all the energy, money, time, and lives that have been spent on a maybe-treasure!

I also love watching Josh Gates on his expeditions. He is always looking for something whether it's treasure, ghosts, answers to mysteries, etc. He goes into the most wild places and takes us along with him. To look at him, he's an every-man. Nothing to stand out, except he's very tall. He has such a quick sense of humor and makes you laugh throughout his show. He is never without a smile or leaning forward in interest. He goes places I will never go and don't want to go. For instance, I was watching a show this week where he was going down into a hole barely 2-3 feet in diameter into a tight tunnel under the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Israel. Looking for a place to hide the Ark of the Covenant! It was so tight that they were on their hands and knees and running out of oxygen. His cameramen have to be bang-up too (and any staff, as I'm sure it's a team effort). I could hardly watch it because I felt so claustrophobic. How men can stand to do that I don't know. But, from the comfort of my home, with my big screen TV, I get to see it all and laugh as I learn. But again, I have to think about all that it takes for him to make these trips and do these TV shows in order to FIND something.

In our scripture today, we are told that godly wisdom is the greatest treasure, more valuable than silver, gold and precious gemstones. There is nothing in this world worth more!

This treasure is not hidden. It's in plain sight. You don't have to leave your home. You don't have to spend your life's savings. You don't have to endanger your life. You don't have to worry about injuries (unless a paper cut counts as an injury). This treasure is to be found in that Bible you have somewhere in the house. If you don't have a Bible, get one. They are free online and you can read straight from your computer or phone app. Many churches have Bibles they would gladly give you. You can get any translation by going to a store or shopping online. In America, we have no excuse, we can own a Bible.

Let's say that I placed $1,000 somewhere in a nearby park and I told you about it. All you have to do is go to the park, find it and it's yours. Would you go looking for it? Probably. But I'm telling you about the greatest treasure ever known is to be found in the Bible and how many of you will go look for a Bible, open it up and read it?

Without wisdom, one may have the riches of this world and a miserable life. You want an example? Look at Michael Jackson. He had all the fame, adulation, money, and things anyone could ever want but he was so miserable he couldn't sleep and ended up killing himself. He begged for sleep, rest, peace and couldn't find it. Same with Elvis Presley. He had it all but killed himself with drugs because he couldn't find any peace without them. What this world has to offer does not give us what we need. But God is offering us what we need and it's to be found in Jesus Christ and God's Word. The Holy Spirit will make the Word of God alive to you if you know Jesus.

The Bible is God's communication to man. He reveals Himself to us, reveals the plan of salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ. He reveals His history with mankind. He reveals His wisdom, His desires for us, His love, His instructions, His warnings. All of this is revealed as a Father's words to His children! He made sure we had the Bible. Through all the centuries and all the conflicts and confusions of mankind's history, God made sure we got the Word and it was kept and passed on to each generation. If we study the history of the Bible, we would learn how miraculous it is for us to even have a Bible and that we, in America, have access to it so prodigiously and freely! What a treasure!

After my parents died, we've been going through their house and we've found stuff that mean so much to us. One thing we found was one of my Mother's written prayers from 1999. She was praying for us. What a treasure it was to find that! But that piece of paper was worth nothing to anyone else but us. How much more precious is God's Word to us. He used men to write every word according to His revelation. He protected the Bible so that we would have it. And in this day and age, it's available so freely and yet we let it sit dusty and neglected.

To be saved for eternity and to know God and have an intimate relationship with Him is so incredibly priceless!!! Just think, if somehow you could create a vacuum that would suck up all the things human beings value into one huge pile... that buried treasure, those stocks and bonds, those mutual funds, money in all the banks, the gold in Fort Knox, every single piece of jewelry and precious stone in the world, all the valuable collectibles in art and history and they are now yours... this verse says that godly wisdom is worth more than all of that put together!

I was watching a show called Mega Decks yesterday. My husband had told me about the show and I didn't really believe him. He said people were building outdoor spaces that were worth much more than our whole house is worth. Sure enough, when I watched it yesterday, someone was spending $325,000 on their outdoor deck, porches, patios. They had a beautiful and unique fireplace, a gas fire "feature" AND a fire pit, plus hot tub so big you could swim in it (exercise pool), outdoor kitchen with high end appliances, 70" screen TV, shades for when it's too hot, etc. It was incredible and I don't mean to judge anyone about it. But, like the shows above, I had to think about all that effort, energy, money, time all spent on leisure outdoor spaces. It happened to be in Texas too and I live in the south. It's too hot to spend much time outdoors in the summer. You stay in the air conditioning or a pool. Hey, there's a show for mega-pools and expensive fancy treehouses too. Now, let's look at the long-range on this fancy outdoor space. Some parts of it might not remain for 20 years. Some parts may remain for 50 years or so. But will any of it remain for eternity? No. And you certainly can't take it with you into your eternity. Some day that home will be sold, or it will dwindle into dust. In a couple hundred years, will archaeologists be trowling over it and finding all these foundations? And you know archaeologists, anything they find is suspected to be part of a religion. I guess when they go through my house and find TVs in every room they will be surmising that it was somehow part of my religion and we were worshiping in front of these TVs! LOL!

All the money, time, energy, talent, work going into something that is temporary while we have the most valuable things in the universe right at our fingertips. Are we making use of it? How precious and valuable God's Word is and we treat it like garbage. We dust around it, throw it in a drawer, hide it in boxes in the attic, donate it to charities that take books, forget and leave it somewhere... we don't treat it as the greatest treasure we own!

When visiting the local Walnut Grove Plantation home, we saw a box by the front door. The guide told us the Bible went into this box for safekeeping. It had carried their Bible with them through immigration and moving. The whole family knew if the house caught on fire, someone was to rescue the Bible box.

  • Where is your Bible? Do you have one?
  • Do you treat your Bible as precious or like any old paperback book that can be thrown in the trash?
  • Do you read your Bible? We can treat it carefully but if we aren't opening it and reading it, what good are we getting from it?
  • Do you study your Bible? Study it like you would a textbook? I know many people will study whatever they need to learn whether when have car trouble, you are looking on Youtube to see how to fix your car. People will look up schematics, look at online manuals, watch how-to videos, research on hacks and tips, etc. You can do that with your Bible too. Go to a Bible believing church and let your pastor freely teach you. Go to Bible studies offered freely. Watch videos and listen to podcasts. Read books and take notes. Read blogs (be careful that it's truth and not heretical) and research.
  • Have you ever studied the history of the Bible and how it came to be the Bible we know today? I encourage you to do that. It gave me a greater appreciation of the Bible!

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