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Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Black Rifle Coffee

Stan and I love a good coffee. We prefer a smooth taste and not the ultra strong, bitter coffee that some seem to like. We personally never liked Starbucks coffee. To us it tastes like they've taken old cigar butts and steeped them in hot water and then sold it as "coffee". Then Starbucks went all liberal weirdo on everyone so I buy nothing of theirs, not even their chai tea which was the one thing I liked. It wasn't a hardship as it's too expensive and their product is crap.

Lately, there was a controversy about a policeman picking up cups of coffee (for himself and other officers) with a receipt on which was written "Pig". The story is viral and the employee who allegedly did it, and who thought he/she was being so funny, probably lost his/her job. When that person is in trouble, who do they call? It ain't Starbucks, it's the police they just insulted! Starbucks has apologized on behalf of the company.

But, I've wasted too much time on Starbucks. What I wanted to do was promote a company that makes an exceptional coffee product and is veteran owned, Black Rifle Coffee. Today, I saw the news that this company donated their coffee product to the precinct that had been insulted. Made me like them even more! When I went to their company website to send an email in appreciation, I saw they have a Coffee Club. It's cheaper than buying it on Amazon which was where I was buying it. Obviously I joined.

We have an active duty Air Force nephew and one who was in the Air Force and now is fulltime active duty Air National Guard. When I saw the Facebook ad for Black Rifle, I messaged them and asked if they had ever tried it. I got a big thumbs up so I ordered us some and we love the Silencer Smooth (SS). I started buying it regularly and also buying the AK47 for gifts. I have no dog in the hunt with this company. I just like their coffee and I like that it helps veterans. So it's my personal opinion and take it for what it's worth.

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