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Sunday, October 20, 2019

Natalie In Her Mother's Makeup

Our niece, Jenny, has found a makeup line that she LOVES! If you are interested in it, check it out at her Maskcara site. You can join her Facebook page to get tutorials on how to use it HERE. Anyway, her youngest, Natalie, got into her makeup this week. Here is the digital scrapbook page I made of the photos.

When Jenny saw Natalie, she was afraid her makeup would be all used up but it was only little fingerprints in it and no big loss. She took a photo of her makeup compact to show the fingerprints. I used those photos to make the left side of the circle. I tried to use the colors in the makeup compact as well as the colors in the photos of Natalie. Since it was a mess, I used the spray. I used the hand mirror and makeup jar as a nod to the makeup. I used daisies because Nattie is so fresh and natural. She was only trying to imitate Mommy so I used circles as though she was focusing on her Mom but the circles are off kilter because she messed up. I used Jenny's Facebook story as the journaling. I always use their full names and dates when journaling on a scrapbook page.

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