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Thursday, August 08, 2019

Lee As A 911 Dispatcher

One of our nephews, Lee, has become an emergency dispatcher. He started about 3 years ago as a Highway Patrol Dispatcher. He did very well and he considers dispatching his dream job. But it was a long drive from his home to Greenville in terrible traffic.
I wanted to digitally scrapbook his promotion early this year with this scrapbook page. Since then, he was able to get a job in our town as a city 911 Dispatcher! No more long drives! He will be dispatching for police AND fire and paramedics. So it meant 8 weeks of training which he enjoyed. He did so well that when it was time for his probation, he only had to have someone sitting with him for 2 weeks instead of the normal 4 weeks. We are so proud of him! Of course, the dispatch offices are anonymous for safety reasons so I used dispatch consoles I found on the Internet to give background to the page. He took this selfie of himself and I was able to use it since it doesn't show anything of a sensitive nature. I used his Facebook announcement of his passing his certification. Then I made this digital scrapbook page of his new job.

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