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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Jenny's Funny Stories

Our niece, Jenny, can tell some funny stories about life with 4 children and she's good at writing them. I have to scrapbook her stories as she shares on Facebook. Sometimes I have to find a way to do it without pictures of the actual "event". This first scrapbook layout I used a photo from a couple of weeks ago of Jenny and Brooke in the car. Then I located photos of Chic-Fil-A I found on the internet to create the visuals for the digital scrapbook page. Chic-Fil-A is one of Jenny's favorite fast food restaurants and her story referenced their support of Christian values so I wanted to include a little history and company philosophy on Chic-Fil-A that I got from their website. I included this in the journaling section of the layout. Then I copied Jenny's story and some of the funny comments from Facebook.

On this digital scrapbook page, Jenny did snap a photo that I could use with her story. The photo showed her nice purse and Starbucks coffee cup against a grocery store background. So I was seeing it as a mixture of formal and casual like wearing a mink coat with bluejeans. So I tried to accentuate that with using some formal elements with casual elements on the scrapbook layout. Then her story was about some "me time" away from her 4 children's chaos so I added the doodles and scribbles in the background. Not overpowering since they weren't there. But in the background to show they are always on her mind.

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Read With Mrs. O said...

What an adorable story. I remember those trips to the store and the little ones trying their best to behave. Maybe that's why I would come home and eat almost a dozen powdered doughnuts in less than 30 minutes. I miss those little ones - they have their own little ones to help them with trips to the store. Thanks again for the clever design with the story.

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