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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Brooke Isn't So Sure About Great Aunt Sharon's Matchmaking

As a genealogist, I come across unusual, peculiar names all the time. I started keeping a running list and collecting them. It's a family joke about me and my odd collection of names. I tease the kids all the time about what I would have named them if they had been mine. And we laugh and giggle about all the strange names. Recently, I was teasing them again and telling them I had found them a perfect boyfriend or girlfriend to marry. I was texting with our niece, their mother, Jenny. I was saying they may not be goodlooking but they have weird names and then I would throw out some of the weirdest on my list of names. The older ones were howling in laughter. When I got to Brookie, she wasn't sure what to think! Her mother snapped the picture and you can tell she wasn't sure whether to laugh or if I was really serious. Anyway, we had so much fun with it and I had this picture so I had to make a digital scrapbook layout. I'll continue to tease them with awful names and they will continue to think I'm a little crazy but it sure makes us all laugh.

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