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Friday, May 04, 2018

Some Of My Digital Scrapbook Pages So Far This Year

 Our nephew, Luke, had to go to Las Vegas on some training. What a hard life! LOL! No, really we are very proud of him and he does work hard at home with his family, on his job and doing National Air Guard. He took these photos from the plane and here is my digital scrapbook page of it.

Luke and Hannah got to go for a much needed weekend to the beach without the kids. Hannah got these photos of their good time and these are my digital scrapbook pages.

Our niece, Jenny, and her husband were expecting their 4th child. Baby Natalie was born in March. These are digital scrapbook pages I did of Natalie and her growth, as well as, the other 3 children and how they are handling a new baby (very well, I'm proud to say).

Baby shower for Jenny and Natalie. Some of her friends in California gave her a shower and I was so glad they took these photos. Being across the country from your loved on is so hard, especially for family events. But I was able to do this digital scrapbook page of the Baby Shower. I especially loved how Brooke got to participate. I mean, she's learning how to be a girl and this is one of the rights of passage!

 Reagan at Easter. Here is my digital scrapbook page of her Easter.

Reagan and her cousins are very close. I wanted to document their sweet relationship with a little cousins digital scrapbook page.

Landry is in her stroller in the Spring sunshine. She's also listening to a vintage Fisher Price baby radio that was her Daddy's when he was a baby 30 years ago! Here is my digital scrapbook page of this.

 Cash began playing soccer this year. Here is my digital scrapbook page of him as a Green Grasshopper.

Our niece, Katie, had a funny story with her two girls and I had to scrap it on this digital scrapbook page.

Will's mother got this Easter photo and it's so good. This is my digital scrapbook page with his Easter photo.

Savannah and Will were enthralled with a rainbow and their mother, Hannah, got this photo so this is my digital scrapbook page of it.

Jenny told a funny story on her son, Ryan. He just comes up with the funniest stuff. So here is my digital scrapbook page of the story. I didn't have a real photo to use so I made it up. I used one of his other photos that seems to show his impish side. I used some cartoons, made the colors to match and then tried to create a fun layout.

Jenny took the 3 kids (before Natalie was born) to their local Krispy Kreme. Krispy Kreme is big in our family as my Uncle Glenn has the KK in Spartanburg and Anderson, SC. When we flew out to California for a visit, Brett made us promise to bring KK donuts from SC because he thought they were better than the same donuts at the local KK, LOL! So Uncle Glen have us 4 dozen donuts and I hauled them from SC to California just for them. Anyway, here are my digital scrapbook pages of them at their local Krispy Kreme.

Ryan loves his new little sister, Natalie. One day, she was crying and Jenny overheard Ryan comforting her and it was so sweet. I had to scrap the story so here is my digital scrapbook page of their story and all the Facebook comments that it prompted.

 Ryan loses his first tooth so here is what I did for his digital scrapbook page.

Brooke, Brett and Ryan bonding with their new baby sister, Natalie. This is my digital scrapbook page for the event of meeting new baby.

Brooke and Ryan were playing with face stickers and Jenny snapped these photos. So cute so I had to make a digital scrapbook page.

Brooke and her new baby sister, Natalie. I had to scrap the sisters bonding so here is my digital scrapbook page.

Snow is rare in California. Jenny took the kids with some friends to see some snow and got these pictures. Here are my digital scrapbook pages.

Jenny took the kids to a friend's wedding in HOLLYWOOD! So they got to clowning around about being actors in Hollywood and she got these adorable pictures! Here is my digital scrapbook page of the little starlets!

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