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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Fall Harvest Days At The Western North Carolina Agricultural Center

My Dad loves tractor shows, old tractors, old farm machinery, old tools, and anything farm related! So tractor shows around here have been something our family has enjoyed for years. The one in Asheville at the WNC Ag Center is a favorite. I can recommend it for a fun day. This year we saw a noticeable decline in vendors and tractors. I hope that's not indicative of the future as we've always enjoyed this one. There are usually some great vendors there with vintage, antique items and some craft and household items. I bought a Longaberger basket this year and Stan got an old wooden telephone that he wants to make into a lamp.

The weather was perfect. It was cool in the morning and got in the 70's by lunch time. The sun was bright and the mountains were crystal clear. I packed a picnic lunch for us. I made deli ham and havarti sandwiches on soft rye, homemade coleslaw, carrot sticks and hummus, grape tomatoes, a snack mix, oatmeal and raisin cookies, apple juice for the kids and root beer for us. I also made a thermos of pumpkin spiced coffee for us to enjoy on the way up the mountains.
 Mom and Dad

Stan and Will

Of course there was BBQ! 

A miniature hit and miss machine used as a pump. 

Will and Savannah loved the dried corn box.

Savannah found the homemade doll outfits. Those doll dresses had her all excited. Hannah got her one outfit and I bought her a Christmas outfit to give her for Christmas.

This was not a toy, it had a plastic top like a toy but was not a toy! 

Sears made a few tractors 

 Cookie jars


 Hannah and Savannah

 Hannah and Will

After we left the tractor show, we made our way to Hendersonville, NC where we eat supper at Hannah Flannagans. It's part of our tradition. I love their corned beef and cabbage! It was another memory making day!

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