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Friday, August 11, 2017

Our Male Calico Cat

I've been a dog person and never thought I would really take to a cat. My experiences with cats had all been negative... until last year. My husband made the comment that he would like to have a cat. He had a cat he liked as a child and I never knew about it. Well, he's put up with my dogs all these years so I thought we could get a cat if that was what he wanted. So a friend of ours had rescued a little calico kitten and was hand feeding it and looking for a good home. We adopted "Binky" and she became my cat! I was home more than Stan and I'm the one that got her, gave her baths, took her to the vet and let her sleep with me. Don't get me wrong, Stan did his share. He has always fed and cleaned her kitty litter box. We both fell in love with little Binky! No one was as surprised as I was to find out how much I could love a cat!!!

Alas, Binky began to slow down. At her 1 year vet visit, the vet discovered an enlarged heart, she was full of fluid (we had thought she was just gaining weight) and one of her kidneys had quit. She only had a matter of days, weeks at the most. So we were in shock and chose to have her put to sleep rather than let her suffer the last few days. It was so hard, as you can imagine. I called Stan and he came to meet me at the vet and we loved on her and were there for her last minutes.

I learned a long time ago that the best way to heal is to adopt again. It gives you a necessary outlet for the flood of emotions. So the next week, Stan and I agreed to adopt another cat. My little grand nephew, Ryan, went with me and we looked at a 1 year old Calico cat and a Calico kitten. Here is the kitten at the Humane Society.

Ryan in front of the kitten at the Humane Society

The older Calico was the same age as Binky, beautiful and even had the scarred eye that Binky had. She had been at the Humane Society for about 3 weeks so her time would soon be over. OTOH, the Calico kitten meant that we would have her from kittenhood and maybe she would bond with us even more? Remember, I'm new to cats so I wasn't sure. I decided to adopt the older Calico and brought Daphne Doolittle home. She's wonderful!

Daphne Doolittle (aka Daphy Duck)

But when I got home and told Stan about the kitten, he told me to get the kitten too. The next day, I was waiting at the Humane Society when they opened and I adopted the kitten too. She had to be spayed so I had to leave her overnight.

The next day I got a call from the Humane Society to say the kitten had been taken into surgery to be spayed and when they opened "her" up they found NO UTERUS! The Calico kitten was actually a MALE! Did I still want him?

I said, "Or course" but I didn't realize how rare a male Calico is! They told me it was rare so I got on the Internet and found that a male Calico cat is like one in three thousand! He is neutered and we got him home and he's such a doll baby! We named him Captain Fishipants. He has been to my vet's office and my vet said, "Twenty years as a vet and this is my first male Calico!" I thought my rare find should have a blog post. So here is to Captain Fishipants!

We couldn't be happier with our Calico cats! They get along with our senior Italian Greyhounds - no problems!

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