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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Katie Had A Hectic Day

Our niece, Katie, has a newborn about 3 weeks old and a toddler who is learning potty training. She made a comment on Facebook about what a hectic day she had on her first day by herself with both children. Her husband had returned to work so it was her first day with both children by herself. She said the morning went smoothly but the afternoon had the baby crying and her toddler overflowing the commode as she used the potty for the first time for #2 and flushed it 8 times before Katie was aware it was overflowing. She handled it great and her family and friends were leaving funny comments and encouragements on Facebook and I had to find some way to scrap this funny story!

I used a photo of her toddler with her hair all messy from playing and a photo of her newborn, Blaire. But how to incorporate the overflowing commode and the hectic life of a mother with 2 small children. So I did some searches among clipart and found 4 to use. One was an overflowing commode, the second was a toddler unrolling toilet paper, the third was a crying baby and the fourth was a vintage mother in dress and heels cleaning. I pulled them up in Adobe Photoshop Elements. I colored in and cut out the parts of the cartoon clip art I wanted to use and pasted them on my paper. I used Adobe masks for Reagan's photo and the aqua cloud paper. I copied all the fun Facebook comments for the journaling. I used doodled elements and messy stitch elements to try to give it the messy look. I'm really proud of the result. I think I captured the whole sense I was looking for. Even the vintage "Mom" in her ruffled apron, dress and heels was a response to how people tend to think mother's can do it all and be gorgeous and perfect too. Of course, my niece, is gorgeous, sweet and keeps up with a full time job as an elementary school teacher (she was Teacher of the Year last year), being a mother and keeping up their nice home (with the help of her wonderful husband, Dustin, of course). So although she probably doesn't clean the commode while wearing a dress, heels and ruffled, starched apron, she comes close! We love you Katie!

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