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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Ideas For How To Use Baskets Around The House

Many people don't realize that you can easily wash baskets. When they begin to get dusty, empty them out and take outside to use the hosepipe. Make a bucket of sudsy water with Wood Oil Soap. Use a soft bristle brush and scrub inside and out. Then hose off and let dry. If they seem to be too dry or brittle, spray them with Liquid Gold. They they are back to being ready to be used again. If your basket is lined, most of the lining can come out and thrown in the wash on gentle cycle. Dry and iron and put back on.

Here are some of the ways I found people using baskets. I also included photos of how I use my own basket.

Here are my baskets:

Drawer dividers

I found this huge round basket at a thrift store. It was dirty and had no lining. So I washed it and made a lining out of some chintz I had. Then I stitched the lining on the basket. It even has pockets inside.

This Longaberger bag has a cloth liner with zip top and the plastic liner. It's just the right size for tucking my Bible, a spiral notebook and my current Bible study book and some pins. This is what I take to my Bible study class each week.

My husband made me a rolling desk for my laptop so I can use it while in my bed. On the side he put these baskets on cup hook to hold things for me.

I have really begun to love baskets again. And I find them useful in so many ways. Just remember to keep them clean so they stay pretty. I've begun collecting Longaberger baskets.

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