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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Charming Bedrooms

I did a Google search on bedrooms to see if I could get some inspiration to dress mine up a little. Unfortunately, many of the photos of bedrooms on the Internet are about as cozy and charming as a hotel room. I was looking for a room that I would want to be in. Something that is pretty but cozy, comfortable, functioning, a place you want to lay down and take a nap in, sit and read a book, enjoy your favorite TV shows with some popcorn or my favorite coffee. Being disabled I'm in my bedroom a LOT. I have an adjustable bed, a laptop table and my TV so the most used room in my home is my bedroom  My bedroom now is clean, efficient, functioning and pleasant. And there probably isn't much I can do to change it as the paint job is just a few years old and in excellent shape, my furniture is not going anywhere, and I'm too cheap to spring for all new bedding, linens and valances just because I'm bored. But I did find some bedrooms that I liked.

Here are some I picked out that seemed to meet these requirements to me. This first one, I just love the pale blues, the wallpaper and the bed, the white floors.

This one is so pretty but too white. I would never be able to keep all that white so pristine.

Very comfy room.

I love the blues and the painted white floors. I could nap here.

I've always wanted a purple bedroom. This is exquisite.

Again, I'm loving the painted floors. I didn't notice as I was picking out my favorites that a good many of the bedrooms have painted floors so that must really attract me. I cannot have carpets or rugs in my house.

Vintage charm!

This so reminds me of my Grandma's room. When we would go spend a week or two with my grandparents on their farm in NC it would be so hot during the day (no air conditioning). So after a light lunch, she would sit in her den and peel peaches, snap peas, string beans, etc while watching her soap operas. Papa would lay on the couch and take a nap. I would lay down on her bed with the shades drawn and take a nap. It was so soothing.

Again I'm loving the pale blues, pale pink and mint green and the painted floors. Get rid of the rag rugs and I could move in to this room.

This mint green reminds me of the pillow mints served at weddings. I love the headboard being a little oversized.

Colorful without going over the top.  I've always been a fan of the mink/blue jeans look. I.e. formal mixed with casual. This bedroom has the gold, the panelling, the formal bed and mirror, chandelier. But it also has the rose sprinkled handmade quilt, the blue crystals in the chandelier, the necklaces around the bust and the plain wood floors.

I love this headboard,

You can get rid of the hanging rags, the teddy bears and hanging clothes and this would be a lovely room. You can tell this is in a real older home because of the very high ceilings. And they did a wonderful job in decorating to fit.

Very pale pink. Of course, this room is a child's room evidently, as the chairs are child size. But I love the pale pink and I love the idea of the soaking tub right in the bedroom.

Cool mint green. Love the beadboard panelling and it goes up above waist high. With those painted high ceilings I think the higher wainscoting is a good idea. Love the very pale paink accents (even the desk is pale pink). I would like to have a door to a porch or deck in my bedroom.

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