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Wednesday, August 05, 2015


I have always wanted a pantry because my Grandma had one off her farm kitchen. It was where she kept all her jars of the vegetables and fruit that she had canned. Much like this old photo I found on the Internet.

I have a "pantry" hallway. It has some pantry cabinets in it and we added some other shelves. Here is my "pantry".

Anyway, I decided to do an Internet search and look at today's pantries.

Whether you have just a pantry cabinet, a corner or a large pantry room, I looked for ideas that would help you. Always keep in mind that you can do anything as long as it's kept clean. But no matter how much money you spend, if you don't keep it cleaned and decluttered, then it won't work or look good. And think outside of the box. If you don't have a "formal" pantry off your kitchen, then try to imagine a place that you could use as a pantry. Maybe some shelves in your laundry room or in the basement or in the garage? How about using a piece of furniture as a pantry. For instance, those old entertainment centers make fantastic pantry cabinets. Just add some shelves inside and voila!

But I looked for pictures of pantries that range from a few shelves, a piece of furniture, a cabinet or a large room.

I love this ingenious idea! Someone made a "pie safe" and used it as the doorway to their pantry. It completely hides the pantry.

A gorgeous (and expensive) pantry. Also known as a Butler's pantry.

Another example of the cabinets hiding the entrance to the pantry.

This one is probably my absolute favorite. It is totally practical but is vintage. The only thing I would add to this room is a sink at the window. When you have this large of a pantry, you need a sink in it so that when you go to clean, you aren't running yourself to death back and forth to the kitchen sink. This is true for any large pantry. If you can afford it, go ahead and put a sink in it. This is great for cleaning those serving pieces that you store in a butler's pantry, as well as, for cleaning.

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