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Sunday, March 01, 2015

Charlotte, NC Spring Home And Garden Show

The annual Spring Home and Garden Show in Charlotte, NC is usually the last weekend in February and the first weekend in March. This year they did it the last two weekends in February so we were thrown off. We like to go the first day of the show because everything is fresh and it's Senior Day. I've gone to this show since I was a child. Not every year but a lot of years. I still take my Mom and Dad and they went with me this year too. Here are the photos of this year's show.

Since Stan wasn't with me, I got to sit during the Kitchen Craft cookware demonstration. I'd always wanted to. Now I know why he wouldn't let me. I ended up buying their classic set, the smallest set. We both love to cook and so do our friends. Having good tools makes good sense and it is more than lifetime guarantee. No matter, whether I'm alive or dead, the set will still have the warranty. I'm pleased and can't wait to get them and start using them. Maybe I'm a sucker but one of my friends bought a set when she was young and she still uses hers and loves them.

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