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Sunday, December 07, 2014

Laundry Detergents

Everyone uses laundry detergent so everyone has laundry detergent to store and containers to recycle. Do you leave your laundry detergent in the boxes or bottles it comes in? Or do you "decant" into something prettier? I have done both. I know the containers, made by the companies, are meant for their storage and use of their product. Custom built for the product. On the other hand, they aren't always the most attractive containers with their loud colors. What marketing ploys they use to attract our attention in the store, is not necessarily what we want to project in our laundry rooms. For instance, I painted my laundry room a soothing vintage green. So bright orange, neon yellow or garish red definitely are jarring "pops" of color, so decanting into a pretty container that matches the decor is the answer.

I looked on the Internet for ideas for pretty containers to decant in. Here are the ideas I found.

Be sure to keep these laundry pods, liquid laundry detergent and all other laundry chemicals out of the way of children! Once they are out of the containers, they can look like candy, Koolaid, etc. When I was a toddler, my Mom left a cup of Clorox on the washing machine and I thought it was water. Needless to say I ended up having my stomach pumped. Please be sure your children know these are off limits, not to be ingested and keep them out of reach!

Next I looked up recycling ideas for those laundry detergent containers and found some good ideas. Be sure to clean them thoroughly, rinsing out all residue. Also remember that the plastic used for laundry containers is probably not a "food grade" plastic so don't store food items in them.

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