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Sunday, December 14, 2014

All About Christmas Cards

I used to love to send Christmas cards. It was something I did every year and even prepared a Christmas letter to go to those of my friends and family that I knew would be interested in updates on our family. But two things happened about the same time that stopped my Christmas card sending. One was the expense of stamps. The U.S. postage stamp went over the cliff edge as far as I'm concerned. I never mail unless I absolutely have to. It saves me money but is also my protest against their rise in prices. Of course, they still get my money in another way because I have to mail packages to my niece and nephews who live out of town and then there are shipping charges you pay on purchases. But I'm getting off topic. The other thing was email and social media like Facebook. I stay in contact with my family and friends via email and Facebook throughout the year and don't have the need to send Christmas cards and Christmas letters. I think a lot of people have about decided the same thing so we get fewer Christmas cards. But if you still send and receive a lot of Christmas cards, I thought it might be interesting to see how people display their Christmas cards and how they store them or recycle and reuse Christmas cards. I did some searches on the Internet and found some wonderful ideas. People never cease to amaze me at their creativity.

Christmas cards can be so beautiful, have beautiful poetry or sentiments in them. Many people include sweet personal messages and then there are the ones with family pictures. And some people are so creative that they make their Christmas cards. These are particularly special since they spent their time, creativity, skill, money, energy and love making them. There are some that are impersonal and you don't feel bad tossing them at the end of the season. But there are many that you want to hold onto. I found some great ideas for saving those special cards.
Hole punching cards and keeping them in small notebook binders is a good idea. You can even decorate the notebook and bring them out with your Christmas decorations every year and display them for browsing.

Photo albums can be used to store them too.

You can keep an eye out for pretty Christmas tins to hold your Christmas cards.

Hole punch the cards and thread them on rings like these. You can even tie on some pretty ribbon with some charms to spice them up. If you find some battered old children's Christmas books, use the covers as covers for your Christmas card book.

Keep them in photo boxes or plastic boxes.

Here are some great ideas for displaying your incoming Christmas cards.

Maybe you want to recycle and reuse Christmas cards. There are lots of ideas on how to do this. People, you are smart!!! Here are some ideas. Use them to make next years Christmas wreath.

Use them to decorate the jar gifts you give.

Find templates on the Internet and make small gift boxes with them.

And then using them to make Christmas decorations.

They can also be used for gifts.

Use them to make the Christmas cards for next year!

Decorate plain gift bags with Christmas cards.

Make confetti.

Use them to make gift tags.

I hope these ideas stimulate your own creativity and give you motivation.


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