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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Working In The Kitchen

I did several things today in the kitchen that I wanted to share with you. It was a cool, drizzly gray day today. Perfect for working in the kitchen.

First I cut my Rosemary back and brought it in. I washed it, stripped it and laid it out to dry. Once it's dry, I will store in a glass jar.

Then I started some homemade bread in the bread machine. I added some of my fresh rosemary to it. That with my homemade butter will be delicious.

Next I put on a couple of chicken breasts in the crock pot. I put BBQ sauce and Orange Marmalade on them. So for supper we had the chicken breasts, homemade bread, some slices of tomatoes.

I make my own yogurt now. Here is my yogurt machine that I got a few weeks ago. You use one 7 oz carton of plain yogurt. I use Fage. Then I take one of the glass jars (that comes with the yogurt maker) and pour 7 jars of milk into a saucepan. You bring the milk to a semi-boil. Then remove from heat and let cool to lukewarm. Add the plain yogurt. I also add organic, real honey for sweetening. You could add fruit preserves or jam. Then you put the covered jars into the yogurt maker and it heats up and stays warm for however many hours you select. For Greek style consistency, it was 6 hours. The longer you go, the more firm the yogurt gets.

I washed some fruits and vegetables.

For lunch I used some leftover Mexican and poached some eggs. We went to Taco Willy's last night. Always good. We got the stuffed peppers over rice and beans. We had some leftover so I brought it home. It has the peppers, rice, beans, peppers, tomato sauce. I heated the leftovers on a plate. Meanwhile I poached some eggs. When they were done, I put them on top of the leftover Mexican and voila! A delicious lunch. I love poached eggs (well done).

I got the kitchen all cleaned up while I was working in there and I kept laundry going too.

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