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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Cotton Ginning Day in Dallas, Gaston County, NC

I took Mom and Dad to Dallas, Gaston County, NC for the Cotton Ginning Days fair. I don't know how I've missed not going to this tractor show all these years. Dad goes all the time. But I hadn't been to this one and it's the best one I've ever been to. There is something for all ages. Fair rides, horse ring rides, crafts, shopping, antique tractors and hit and miss engines, demonstrations, an "1890's Village" to tour, running cotton gin, food galore, love blue grass bands. And it was a large one. It was almost too big for me but Dad did the tractors while Mom and I did the crafts and shopping. That cut out some of the walking. As it was my dogs were still barking at the end of the day. I was in a lot of pain by the time I got home. But it was worth it. I highly recommend this one and for all ages. There were lots of elderly people who were enjoying the food, crafts, reminiscing and parking in spots to listen to live music. Children were running around playing in the grass, taking horse rides, enjoying the fair rides, gawking at the demonstrations and chomping down on some funnel cakes, homemade ice cream, turkey legs, etc. Young couples whether pushing strollers or walking hand-in-hand were enjoying wagon rides behind tractors, shopping, touring the 1890's village, eating roasted corn-on-the-cob, hamburgers/hot dogs, and homemade lemonade. Middle aged people like myself were enjoying the shopping, the history, the crafts and moseying down the food rows eating pinto bean plates, steak sandwiches, fried apple pies, sweet iced tea.

As we were eating our pinto bean plates (a big ole scoop of pinto beans with chopped onions on top, cole slaw and a piece of conrbread) we heard the engine start up to run the cotton gin. I love the sounds of those old engines. So that was where we headed after lunch. Then we wen to the 1890's village. They have a 2 room shack and a small board and batten house with a dog run between the main house and the kitchen. There is also a log barn, a blacksmith shop, a one room schoolhouse and a small church. There were docents inside to give people a run down on each structure. The barn had a couple of donkeys. There was a small patch of cotton so kids could see how it really grows.

There was a big crowd there today. The weather was great. It started out with sunshine and it was hot but there was a good breeze which kept it from being too bad. It started clouding up a little about lunch and by the time we left at 2:30pm it was getting dark clouds.

You know, I was worried that some of  the home arts like knitting, crocheting, sewing, quilting, cooking, canning, baking, etc were getting extinct. But I saw today that they are not! I developed a new love for knitting as I saw all the hats, sweaters, children's dresses, scarves, gloves, mittens, etc  today. What wonderful artisans! And I love what the new generations are doing with it. We now have multiple colors in yarn, patterns for fun things like cartoon figure toboggans and purses. I saw one crafter had unique scarves like an eggs and bacon scarf. (These photos are not her work, but I found examples by doing a Google search. Her's were every bit as nice as these.)

Another one she had done was toast and butter or buttered toast.

Another was a piece of pizza pulled long. You had brown crust, red sauce, yellow cheese with red pepperoni circles.

I wish I could knit. I can knit and pearl a straight line and that's it. But seeing all the new colors and patterns available now, I would love to get into it. I also love the children's knitted clothes. Little sweaters, dresses, pants, bibs, etc.

I also saw some ribbon art. One crafter used gross grain ribbon in different colors and sizes to make designs on hair clips. Then you buy the large gross grain bow and the clip will clip into the bow. So it becomes interchangeable. Another crafter had used felt to make these clips. Everything from Mickey Mouse to poodles, flowers to butterflies, cartoon figures to fantasy figures. (These are not the crafters work but I found examples by doing a Google search.) These clips are then clipped on a plain bow like this white one to jazz it up. Also can be clipped on a hair band. Really cute ideas!

Well, I'd better quit bragging on the crafters and move along to show my photos. If you live around here, watch for this event to come up next Fall and try to fit it into your schedule.

The horse stables were used for craft booths.

Intricate wood cutouts.

Fair rides

Yes, there were tractors!

Children's horse rides.

Dogs were welcome!

My lunch! Yum

Cotton ale and cotton gin

1890's Village

This 2 room cabin was the home for 2 adults and 9 children before he left to fight in the War of Northern Aggression. When he came back home, he built a larger home and the old 2 room cabin became the detached kitchen.

Washing clothes

Stone trough

The little patch of cotton. I took some closeups of the cotton breaking out of the bolls. You will notice the bolls pop apart leaving sharp ends. These sharp bolls punctured the hands of the pickers until their hands became calloused enough to be hard and impenetrable. My Dad didn't even walk over to look at the cotton. He said it made his back hurt to see it. When he was little he had to pick cotton on his Dad's farm and it was the old way of dragging a long cotton bag behind you and bending over for hours.

The one room schoolhouse.

The little church is sweet. And I think you can rent it for small weddings.

A board and batten house with a dog run between the main house and the detached kitchen. A fence like this around the kitchen vegetable garden kept the chickens, rabbits and dogs out.


See, there were some tractors there!

I got a couple of great t-shirts and bumper stickers from this camp of the SCV. They were very nice.

I believe this was the Gaston Beekeepers Society. This screened is gazebo was for demonstration. It had a hive. A person in beekeeping gear would do a demonstration every hour.

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