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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Those Places Thursday - Remodeled Kitchen

This Spring we decided to remodel our kitchen. We both enjoy cooking and our friends enjoy cooking. So we spend a lot of time in the kitchen. I like having a seating area in there too. Our kitchen is very special to us and is the center of the home.

We thought it out very thoroughly before we got started. One of our problems was the island. The walkway was only about 3 feet from the cooktop to the refrigerator. Which meant if you were working at the stove, no one could get in the refrigerator and vice versa. It just wasn't an efficient flow. It was sort of a bottle neck.

If they had only taken the kitchen out another couple of feet... We have a huge bay window that I call a fish bowl window. We love it! But we considered taking it out and bumping the wall out to the end of the front porch. This would have added 12 ft to the kitchen But we had our roofing man come over and he said that wouldn't work with the way the roof is above the bay window. Then we thought about pulling down the wall between the kitchen and dining room and adding the dining room as part of the kitchen and the garden room becoming the dining room. But that opened a whole new set of problems. For instance the kitchen brick floor versus the dining room wooden floor. Whichever you way you went, it wasn't going to match. So we decided whatever we did, it would have to be within the walls we already have.

So the end result was to move the kitchen island. Moving it forward (my idea) to give us more room for the walkway between the stove and refrigerator. But Stan had the idea of rotating it 90 degrees. We were able to do this. and it gave us much more room for cooking. We had to take our kitchen table out. But we gained more room for working.

We loved our bright and cheerful cobalt blue with bright white trim. But we had it for 8 1/2 yrs and decided it was time for a change in color too.

We also removed the popcorn ceiling and patched the ceiling where we took the old can lights out. We put up 2 new flourescent light fixtures and new under counter lights. We also installed a new gas cooktop and stainless steel vent hood over the cooktop. We also replaced our refrigerator and dishwasher. Finally we painted it. The ceiling got a coat of pale yellow and the walls a coat of blue, sort of a blueberry shade. It matches the dining room blue and yellow wallpaper.

Then I spent a couple of days cleaning back up. I had to clean inside and outside of every cabinet and drawer. We also added some things to the pantry hallway to the laundry room and inlaw suite. Here are the photos of the finished product.

In the middle of this remodel, Stan had his work place accident. He was not able to complete the kitchen remodel so my Dad and I and our friend, Randall, finished it. Randall did the hardest part of installing the stove vent hood and moving the island. Dad and I did the painting. Fortunately, Stan and I had done the ceiling and lights before his accident. Weeks after his accident he and I put up the TV. The vent hood is still not wired. I have to go up in the attic to plug it in via a drop cord. But when the weather is not so hot, Stan will finish that.

My Dad put up this molding and hooks in order to hang our cast iron skillets.

I got these shelves over the years at yard sales. This yellow one was one I found this year at a yard sale for 75 cents. It was filthy and needed painting but it cleaned up well and I painted it with leftover paint from the ceiling.

We put up these wire shelves in the pantry hallway and I made up these jars for all our spices. My Dad made the tree branch hook that I use to hold our aprons.

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