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Friday, June 06, 2014

Useful Kitchen Utensils - Vegetable Peelers

My first vegetable peeler in 1977 was one like this.

Vegetable peelers should be about shaving off just enough of the skin to avoid having to repeat over the same section but not so much that the blade digs too deep and wastes food. The peeler should handle bumps and curves with ease and without clogging or losing its edge. And it should be easy on your hands. Sharp, efficient, effective, and easy to maneuver. Keep in mind that a blade dulls over time. So keeping the same vegetable peeler for 30 yrs may not be the best idea. A straight peeler has the blade parallel to the handle, resembling a knife. The blade may be fixed or pivoting. The Lancashire and French Econome designs contain a fixed blade which does not pivot.

My two peelers today are these. One has a ceramic blade which will keep it's edge. The other has a thick handle for better grip. They blade on both pivots.

Swivel peelers have the blade mounted on a pivot. Thus the angle of the blade is self-adjusted as pressure is applied, increasing ease of use. The Jonas peeler, designed in Sweden in 1953, is a straight design with a pivoting blade attached to the end of an oblong metal loop handle, which is held like a knife. A shaft runs through the length of the handle. The blade has two edges to enable use in either direction, and by either hand.

A Y peeler or speed peeler has a blade perpendicular to its handle, a design closely resembling a safety razor. It is used with a similar action to a razor, shaving off skin in strips parallel to the handle.

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