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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Prague Ratter

I do not breed or sell dogs. I just love them and am involved in dog rescue with my 2 sisters. I happen to love the different breeds and I find them fascinating. So when I look up a dog breed, I share it with you. So don't ask me where to buy a dog, I don't know. Just passing on information.

Pražský Krysarík aka Prague Ratter - No, it's not a Miniature Pinscher or a Chihuahua. It is a small breed of dog from the Czech Republic. It is the smallest breed in the world by breed standard, because of the maximum height of the dogs, unlike Chihuahuas who are measured by weight. It is often confused with the Chihuahua & the Min Pin. The characteristics are very close to those of Min Pin. The liveliness, which is so valued, is typical of him. His briskness is admirable. He is very watchful, focused, at the same time he is playful, warmhearted & always loves a cuddle. He is very loving to his master. The dog's coat consists of short, glossy hair. The most common color is black and tan, which is also the original color. Lately, other colors have been approved: brown & tan, blue & tan, lilac & tan, yellow, red and merle. Prague ratter is a miniature, very active, alert, lively. He has a highly developed sense of smell, small size, lively, so he was used for killing rats (Krysa), (How he got the name "Krysarik"). These qualities he possesses have been developed over the past centuries. His nature is very social, obedient, warm-hearted. He understands children & his love for home is deep. By nature he is noble & intelligent. The Prazsky Krysarik hates the cold & may shiver. These are good little dogs for apartment life.

Height Dog - 7.48 inches - 8.66 inches Bitch - 7.48 inches - 8.66 inches Ideal height is 7.87 inches - 8.66 inches (serious fault, over 8.66 inches)
Weight 2-6 lbs Weight Optimal 4.4 lbs

Seldom seen outside the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the Prazsky Krysarik has been selectively bred as a companion dog. The Prague Ratter was developed by Czechs and Slovaks who wanted to create a strictly non-utilitarian dog. This small dog was often seen at aristocratic feasts at Prague Castle. In the early history of the Czech Republic and Slovakia he adorned courts of Bohemian princes and kings, and he was also owned by other European rulers because kings of Bohemia presented him to them. Later, his owners were ordinary citizens. From the history of the Prazsky Krysarik we can learn a lot, because most of it has been preserved. For instance, we know that this breed really comes from Bohemia and its origins can be traced back to the early history of Czechoslovakia.

These are not my dogs. I did a Google image search to find photos to show you this pretty little dog. They look so much like Miniature Pinschers but are smaller. I tried to find photos that showed their size and the colors.

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