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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Myrtle Beach, SC Bikerfest 2014

Before Stan's accident we had rented a house at Garden City for our vacation this year. Stan's mother, Peggy, and my parents, Avery and Eleanor, came with us. Stan's brother, Kenny, and his family came this week too but to their own condo. It turned out that this week was not only Memorial Day but a biker week too. We lived through the Memorial Day black Bikerfest in Myrtle Beach last weekend. Last time we came to Myrtle Beach was Myrtle Beach's white Bikerfest and we swore we wouldn't come back during that time. Now we say the same about black Bikerfest. I don't know if it's been all over the nation like it's been here but it was a hellish weekend for Myrtle Beach. There were about seven different shootings in Myrtle Beach, 3 dead and a bunch wounded. Stan took us (his wife, his 80 yr old mother and his 76-77 yr old in-laws) on a drive to downtown, like we usually do. That's where most people like to cruise, walk around & people watch. We didn't make it that far before Peggy demanded he turn around because it was too dangerous. She was right! We weren't seeing tourists and vacationers cruising and walking but hordes. The women were dressed like prostitutes. I saw one woman wearing bright pink panties with a tight, completely see-through miniskirt. At least 30% of the women were wearing shorts cut so short that their butt cheeks were flopping around for God and all to see. (And these aren't anorexic rebellious teens but hefty women, white and black who should know better.) The men aren't any more modest wearing their pants down below their butts. My goodness, this "fashion" is 15 YEARS OLD! What other fashion has ever lasted more than a season, much less a year, but 15 YEARS!?! These stupid young men don't seem to mind looking like they are so poor they have to wear their daddy's hand-me-downs. I don't know what has gotten into our young people to think that lawlessness, public lewdness, vile behavior is acceptable. This Mardi-Gras, girls-gone-wild, spring-break, your-sports-team-wins/loses wildness has gotten out of hand. Let's name it for what it is... rioting by young people (30 or younger). Breaking laws made to protect people, their property and businesses is unacceptable. I don't care who you are. If you are white/black, old/young, biker/classic car, gang member/club member - makes no difference. If you break the law, you should expect to be chased, arrested and face the full extent of the law as the consequences of YOUR actions. We watched a couple of hours of a city council meeting this afternoon in which citizens were allowed to speak. It was televised live. What we saw on our short drive was MILD compared to what these people described. Public urination and defecation, slashing tires, congregating/loitering/fighting, sex in public, willful destruction of property, garbage, drunkenness/drugs, white people being harangued/threatened/verbally and physically abused. One white woman tried to walk her dog from her home to the public beach access and the blacks loitering there told her it wasn't open to whites while one of the young men pulled his shirt up to reveal his gun, stuck in his underwear, to threaten her. The police were not helpful at all according to everyone that spoke. Whites are scared of being labelled "racist". I don't know how that label has become worse than being called a "serial killer" but it has. I'm not saying that the lawless behavior is a white or black issue. I don't like white biker week any better than black biker week, spring break, graduation week, Super Bowl, Mardi Gras or whatever. But, in this case, what WAS a racial issue was the non-response to the lawlessness. The police, and their backup (city and county councils, judges, DA's, etc) are scared to death to deal with blacks because they will be called "racist" which is somehow the worst thing someone can be called these days. This "political correctness" has made our society scared to confront lawlessness if it's committed by blacks. Allowing it and letting them get away with it because of their color is unleashing a monster. But it's the same way with college towns allowing students to get away with lawlessness because they don't want to lose their tuition monies. They don't mind being called a party university because that nomer draws students who want to party the next 4 yrs on daddy's dime. The college just wants the tuition, they could care less about the student. In fact, if the student fails, they get additional tuition money when little Johnny re-takes the class. So they let the students go crazy. The same thing happens at Mardi Gras (and that's NOT limited to "young" people). Businesses don't mind making money hand-over-fist for the "sin" behaviors (drinking/drugging/sexing). Making money on sin is pretty sordid but many do. So they want N'awlins to be known as a party city to encourage those kind of "tourists" in order to take their money. They allow stuff to go on that shouldn't see the light of day. It's not black or white, it's what you decide to allow in your community. If you allow it, look the other way, instruct your police department to tread lightly, then expect to have the sort of problems that Myrtle Beach had this past weekend. And expect the decent citizens to get scared and tired of it like the good people of Myrtle Beach did this past weekend. Girls gone missing, people murdered, innocent people being, at the least, verbally abused and, at the worst, murdered. Property destroyed. People hiding in fear like they did this past weekend. The decent people will start leaving in droves while the hoodlums take over to do their worst. It was said on TV, the police in Myrtle Beach were afraid to go downtown. A white policeman would be a fool to attempt to control the crowd without a lot of backup because the rowdies would gang up on him. The hotel and store owners were told they were responsible for forcing people on their property to follow the law. These people weren't necessarily their customers but they were on their property so it was their problem. The police said when the loiterers were on "public property" (like the sidewalks), the police were charged with breaking them up but if they were on "private property", the property owners were supposed to keep the crowd moving. So, many property owners had to patrol their own property 24/7 over the weekend but they had no way to enforce anything because the police didn't respond to their calls and if they had pulled out a gun, all hell would have broken loose & guess who would have been jailed? At the meeting it was indicated that the Mayor (and city council) were responsible for the orders to the police to ignore and hide. I think, if our legislatures (including city councils) make laws and ordinances in the light of day, they should be enforced and backed up from the policeman on the street all the way up through the judges and District Attorney's to the Governor of the State. Noise ordinances, curfews, loitering, public urination/defecation all the way up to Thou Shalt Not Murder should be enforced. If they enforce them on May 23rd, then they should do it on May 27th, May 28th, etc. If you don't have enough police, get enough! Train them! Support them and back them up! Build a new jail if you have to. Take your time and debate the creation of new laws and ordinances but once they are on the books, enforce them! No one gets a free pass because of... (whatever). The businesses, that make so much money on the tourist industry, should be willing to share that profit in order to ensure their business, staff and customers are safe for them to make money. And, if you aren't willing to enforce the laws all the way to pulling a weapon if you have to, then don't bother and let it all go to hell in a handbasket. Thugs are only controlled by good people who have a weapon they are willing to use. A hotel security guard can "suggest" someone quit or move along but no one's going to listen to him. He will merely become a subject of their animosity. He has no weapon, no way to back up his authority. A restaurant owner or bouncer is in the same boat. They can't take the liability of carrying a weapon and pulling it to force thugs to stop or go away. If they aren't allowed to pull a weapon to protect themselves, innocent customers and their property (or the property they are responsible for) then they are wide open to any thug that decides they don't want to comply with the laws or follow the rules. If even the trained police or National Guard are not allowed to pull a weapon (of course, with good reason, not just to bully someone) to force compliance with the law or protect themselves or someone else, forget it. Thugs don't care if you have a law or local ordinance, they only care if you are going to enforce it and what you are going to use to enforce it. So what kind of people is your community willing to attract? Do you want thugs, drunks, prostitutes, drug dealers, college students gone wild? Then you will suffer the results. Or do you want to attract families and responsible adults? Then make reasonable laws and enforce them. I, personally, would want to attract those who follow the laws and rules of the community; those who pay their bills; those who have respect for others; those who know how to behave responsibly and take responsibility for their actions.Their money comes without the added (and expensive) miseries that come with the thugs.

If you don't like what happened in Myrtle Beach, check out this Facebook page and petition.

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