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Monday, April 21, 2014

Sleepy Ryan

When our niece and her family came down for a visit in March, we spent as much time as we could with them. Unfortunately I started a terrible cold while they were here and I had to stay away for some days during their time here. But I did go over on their last day. I stayed away from the children and just snapped photos. I didn't want them to get my cold. Here are some photos I took of Ryan. He's at that stage of being between baby and toddler. He napped most of the time that I was there but I couldn't get enough of him. His little skinned knees, his round cheeks, how he sleeps with his eyes half open like his mother does, etc. I kept sneaking over and taking photos of him sleeping. He started out laying outside in the sun while Brett was playing and we adults were sitting out with them and talking. Then, we went inside to eat a sandwich and Ronnie, his Grandfather, brought Ryan in and laid him on the couch.

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