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Monday, April 21, 2014

Chuck E. Cheese

When our niece and her husband came for a visit, they brought their 3 children, Brett, Ryan and baby Brooke. One day several of us aunts took Brett, Ryan, Savannah and Will to Chuck E. Cheese's. I was pretty sick at the time but I had to go to take photos. I stayed away from the children so they wouldn't get my cold but I got photos galore! Chuck E. Cheese's is a pizza place full of games and rides for children. It's a paradise for kids and a nightmare for adults. I'd never been before and was lost. But I was only there to take photos anyway. What good props for photos! Thank you Chuck E. Cheese for providing a fun day for our kids.

Here is Savannah and her cousin, Ryan, dancing.

Here are cousins, Ryan and Will.

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