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Monday, March 31, 2014

Useful Kitchen Utensils - Slotted Turning Spatulas

OK, this is another basic that people take for granted. Everyone has a slotted turning spatula. These are hard working tools in the kitchen. You need a bigger one and a smaller one. And you want a good quality so that it doesn't bend on you. I, personally, don't like a silicone or plastic turning spatula because they simply don't have the edge that a metal one has. But metal ones will scratch your pots and pans and that can be a bad thing if you use coated cookware like enamel cast iron, teflon nonstick coated frying pan or anodized cookware. If you have something like that in your cabinet, then have a silicon, plastic turning or wooden spatula to use with them. You are looking for a metal handle that won't bend and an edge that is nice and thin for picking up those eggs to turn them. They need to be able to lift and support heavy items but have the thin, flexible edge to maneuver delicate foods like lifting hot cookies from the cookie sheet.

In your kitchen utensils you can have one good spatula or several different kinds like the metal fish spatula, wood spatula, large and small metal spatulas, silicone spatula, and the hamburger spatula. Whatever you have the room for. A single spatula goes for a few bucks to $75.00 depending on the material, the honing for a thin, sharp edge and the name brand. I'm too cheap to pay $75.00 for one but you might be getting what you pay for or it might be overkill for the average family cook. Anyway, I looked for a handle that didn't give and bend, a thin edge and some flexibility in the spatula part.

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