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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Blue And White Rooms

One of my favorite colors is blue in all it's shades. I had my kitchen painted a bright cobalt blue with bright white trim and I use bright yellow accessories. Then I went with a more muted blue and butter yellow and creamy white in the dining room.

I did a Google search to see rooms done in a blue and white. I tried to pick photos that range from the very expensive or formal to the everyday person's room, from modern to traditional, etc. One thing to keep in mind is a paint job will only look as good as it is done. If you are like me and tend to drip and dribble, swipe and make a mess, then you might want to pay a professional. Especially if you are going with more than one color. I like a two tone room. I like a wall color and a trim color. I'm not a fan of monochromatic in most cases. But if you paint the wall one color and then pain the trim in another color, it must be absolutely perfect or it shows. You want to trim out the windows and doors and clean up the glass afterwards. You don't want drips, you don't want to miss areas or swipe. Believe me, if you do a bad paint job it WILL show. I'm not a good painter and neither is my husband. I painted my bedroom a couple of years ago. I used a slightly darker shade on the walls than what had been on there and I purchased the most expensive grade of paint. It was suppose to be one coat coverage. It wasn't. And for a whole year I kept seeing spots I missed. We had to do it over again last year when we re-did the bathroom. I'm just not good at it so I learned that I really should pay the professional like I've done in the past. A good grade of paint, using semi-gloss to gloss, and getting a good professional painter will make all the difference in how long a paint job will last. Personally I NEVER use flat paint because you cannot wash down the walls and without washing, the walls will get grimy looking and get smudges. I wash down my walls every year with water and a towel wrapped around a Swiffer type mop. This keeps dust from sticking around and becoming grimy and gets cobwebs before they become noticeable. I'm very particular about that.

And thanks to all on the Internet who share your ideas with the rest of us. Very inspiring!

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