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Sunday, May 05, 2013

Some Kitchen Organization Ideas

I came across some great kitchen and pantry organization ideas by doing a Google image search. Thanks to all those who share their great ideas! From organizing spices to organizing canned goods, pots to utensils, packages to tea bags, here are some great ideas to try. I tried to pick out ideas that ranged from the expensive to the ultra cheap (as in FREE).

This is a great idea for those teabags that are individually sealed. I wouldn't use this for those teabags that aren't individually packaged. Those should go in an airtight container.

Hey, recycle some juice bottles. Great idea!!!

If you've run out of cabinet space, try storing some things in pretty matching boxes like these.

This is just too cool!!!

If you have a handy husband, this is great!

Using baskets like this would be good for grouping items. Such as all soups in one basket, all spaghetti sauce in another, etc.

Levels can really make your cabinets work.

This was such a simple and great idea, using a shoe holder on the pantry door to hold your canned goods.

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