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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Moving Chartreuse Outdoors

I started some blog posts on using unusual colors outside your home. In this post I wanted to explore using chartreuse outside. Of course, with all colors, there are various shades of chartreuse. Some people see it more muted, others see it more yellow or more green than I do. For me, chartreuse is a yellow green loud color like this.

But I did include some slight variations of chartreuse. Thanks to all those who post their ideas for the rest of us to enjoy. It's wonderful seeing all the creativity in the world! Let it inspire you.

I'm not trying to encourage you to break out and paint your whole house chartreuse when the rest of your neighborhood is more conservative. That would only stir up conflict, controversy and stress in your neighborhood that you really don't want. Your home should be your safe refuge, not a place of bickering, conflict and stress. So if you want to have some color but you live in a traditional neighborhood, maybe try adding color with a front door, your porch furniture, some urns or some plantings. Those are good compromises. But if your house is located where it doesn't have to conform, then break out the paint buckets!

Chartreuse accents

Now let's look at how you can add chartreuse to your yard or garden. Using plants, trees, bushes, grasses, ground cover in chartreuse is a great way to add color. And don't forget chartreuse when you plant your baskets, urns and flower boxes.

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