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Contact me at Mom25dogs@gmail.com

Monday, May 06, 2013

"I'm Fine, But Don't Check"

My niece, Jenny, told the funniest story on Facebook the other day. It seems she called out to check on her son Brett. He hollered back, "I'm fine. But don't check." Of course, that would tip off any Mom. When she got upstairs she found him struggling wash a wad of chewing gum out of his hair. She took a picture of his face, like thunder, with his hands trying to hide the chewing gum on the top of his head. I just got the biggest laugh out of it and I had to do a digital scrapbook page. I started with the colors in the photo. Brett was wearing his gray monkey pj's with his blue housecoat on. The pj's have brown monkeys and bright yellow bananas on them. I also found an image of a stick of gum with that awkward chewing gum putty color. So that's where I got the colors. Next I wanted it to look like messy like a 4 yr old boy is. The brown patterned paper had yellow and blue circles on them so I kept up with the circle them with scallops (made from heart which was also an element I used over and over again), round elements and the round water drops which represent the water he was using to try and get the gum out. I even drew a yellow stick boy chewing chew gum. His photo was taken by her camera phone so it wasn't the best resolution so I had to keep it small.

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