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Contact me at Mom25dogs@gmail.com

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Why Do I Blog?

From Plinky.com, the prompt of the day is "Why do you blog?"

I blog because I have a variety of interests and I like to exercise my brain by studying things. I can really get into something but then within a couple of weeks, I've forgotten so much of what I learned. Blogging was a way for me to remember because not only am I studying it but I'm writing about it. And, if I still forget, I know where I can go to refresh my memory. I also wanted to share my work so that someone else might learn from it too. And I have received many kind comments and emails thanking me for the information I share through my blog. Those kind of comments and emails spur me on. It may be that no one is interested but I've enjoyed studying it. Then there are those in my family that keep up with me through my blog. I do genealogy work and post it to help others researching the family. I try to make sure I show all my sources for something like this. Others are interested in the historical posts I do. Many enjoy the interior decorating and home building posts. I do these because I've had a lot of experience in remodeling our homes and building a home in the past and with age and experience, I've learned a few things that might save someone else from making a similar mistake.  I'm fairly good at organizing and cleaning so I share some of my information to hopefully encourage someone else. I enjoy reading, genealogy, history, dogs, blogging, digital scrapbooking. All these, and more, I share on my blog.

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