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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

King's Mountain Chapel United Methodist Church Antique Tractor and Car Show

My Dad loves going to antique tractor shows all around us. He even plans them on his calendar. Whenever we can go, we go, or he takes Mom and they go by themselves. At our last Kate Barry Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, one of our members spoke. Sheila Ingle has written 2 children's books. One is Courageous Kate about Kate Barry, the namesake of our chapter, from Walnut Grove Plantation in Moore, Spartanburg county, SC. The second one is Fearless Martha about Martha Bratton and her family from Brattonsville, York county, SC. Sheila spoke about William and Martha Bratton and their plantation in York. So when Dad asked if we wanted to go to York to the tractor show, Stan and I went with them so we could also do Brattonsville.

But here are the photos I took of the tractor and car show. It was big enough to have a lot of interest but not so big that it took too long, leaving with us with plenty of time to do Brattonsville. See the post on Brattonsville for those photos.

Here's a tractor that is just Brett's size!

Dad can tell you just about everything about old tractors and antique farm machines.

This 1918 tractor would have been a ROUGH ride for the farmer. It's more like a torture device. But I guess it's better than plowing behind a mule.

I love old hit-and-miss engines! I love the sound whether it's the little ones or the big ones like this one.

Dad has his father's John Deere H tractor. It's not all fixed up like this one but it still runs like a Deere.

A washing machine agitator.

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