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Contact me at Mom25dogs@gmail.com

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

If I Received An Unexpected Call

A prompt from Plinky.com,"You receive a call from an unexpected person. Who is it, and what is the conversation about? Go!"

I would love to recieve a phone call from a former pastor who hurt me and my family very deeply. I would love for him to be calling to apologize and let us come to an understanding of each other so that we feel released in our spirits from any anger or hurt on either side. If he would try to be understanding, I would definitely reciprocate. I've tried forgiving him even without the contact or without him apologizing or any action from him. I hope he has forgiven me too. But it would be nice to know it's all over and done with with no more bad feelings. I'm sure he thought he was doing the right thing but I felt I was doing the right thing too.

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