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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

"Tin Pan Alley"

"Tin Pan Alley" - In an article in The World in 1903 it was said specifically to be the area of Twenty-eighth Street in New York between Broadway and Sixth Avenue and to be the home of most of the notable US music publishers. Later, Tin Pan Alley became a figurative term for the whole US music publishing business. employing a tin pan as a raucous and discordant noisemaker. As every household had at least one tin pan and a wooden spoon or such with which to bang it, the material with which to contribute to a cacophonous communal row was always at hand. Building on that was the use of tin pan to describe a piano of indifferent quality, especially one played by an amateur. Several newspaper reports record tin-pan alley in American cities for what seems to have been an area with a poor reputation, presumably one with noisy and illicit goings-on.

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