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Saturday, April 07, 2012

Small Space Ideas

Do you have a small space to live in? Or do you have small spaces within your house? For instance, you may have 4 bedrooms and 3 baths but one of those bedrooms is too small. Or maybe you have a 3000 square foot home but a small laundry room? These are examples of small spaces within your house. I did a Google search to find some ideas for small spaces. Look for double duty items or items that can disappear when not in use. Here are the ideas I found and I really appreciate those who have taken the photos to share with the rest of us. Their ideas on utilizing small spaces are great! Again, I tried to pick photos that give ideas in all ranges of income, size and usage.

A desk doesn't have to be a full size and width. With laptop computers, tablets and other paperless devices you can work with less space.

Think of shelves in unexpected places. But if they are open shelving, keep the shelves neat and attractive.

You want to hide some things? An inexpensive way is to use curtains.

Just be careful how you lean in those windows!

This works for a tiny bedroom!

This pullout bed was a neat idea. I just wonder where it disappears into?

A bed in a closet which leaves the room for living.

Pullman style

Murphy beds!

Tiny kitchens

Tiny bathrooms

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