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Sunday, April 08, 2012

"Don't Have A Pot To Pee In"

Do you know where "they don't have a pot to pee in" comes from? Back in the old days, well-to-do families used chamber pots and emptied the chamber pots every morning. But if you were too poor, you "didn't have a pot to pee in". So you used a coffee can which is where the saying, "Gotta go to the can" comes from. Poor people had to use leaves and corncobs for wiping which is where we get "rough as a cob". Using some of these sayings showed your raising. My family used a lot of Southern colloquilisms which I'll be sharing & you will recognize but we were NOT vulgar. Nobody in my family used terms like, "going to the can" or "rough as a cob". LOL!

The chamber pot, in French, “pot de chambre,” is a bowl-shaped, handled vessel that was stored under a bed or in a bedroom cabinet. It served as a toilet when indoor plumbing was nonexistent. The chamber pot remained in common use until the 19th-20th century when indoor plumbing and indoor bathrooms became more and more accessible. At first, only the wealthy had indoor running water but it became more and more affordable and available into the 20th century.

I know what you are thinking... how did a lady contort herself into being able to use a chamber pot? Well, unfortunately, someone thought of taking a photo of someone using a chamberpot.

Once it was used, it was covered with a lid or cloth until someone could take it to be emptied.

If you could afford bedroom furniture, then often a chest would have a cabinet to keep the chamber pot in. Dumb me, I thought those cabinets were for hats!

There were also cabinets or chairs that allowed you to sit more comfortably.

Using the word "piss" was not considered vulgar until the Victorian era.

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